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Leslie Welch is a Certified Divorce and Chartered Career Coach. She is a Certified Law of Attraction coach, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and is currently working on her Akashic Records Certification.  Leslie specializes in individual coaching and working with women going through divorce, identity crisis, trauma, loss, and difficult life transitions. 

Leslie has been through many major life changing transitions of her own. After a major brain surgery, she loss hearing in her left ear and balance nerve. This resulted in extensive physical therapy to regain her overall health.  She a survivor of melanoma and has undergone multiple surgeries and treatment. Leslie has weathered the storm of two divorces. One as the young mother with a small child and then the ending of a long-term marriage. She has felt the tragic loss of family members and a stepdaughter who was the victim of a horrific crime.

Leslie is a strong advocate for women and children. Today she inspires and empowers women to ignite the spark from within and step into their own inner wisdom and guidance system.

Coach Leslie honestly believes that she is living proof that you can rewrite your story and create a new abundant future! 


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I am Leslie Welch, a Life Coach that has found her true life mission in helping women heal and transform their lives with grace and dignity. I coach from the heart and I’ll show you how to let intuition guide you into your own abundant life full of abundance and joy.

Today I work with women individually and in groups.  I draw on two decades of experience in owning a financial planning and money management business that continues to help families meet and exceed their fiscal goals.  This part of my career as a Registered Financial Paraplanner thrived when I connected with our clients to create plans to come through tough times.  I still cherish those relationships and engage the experience and skills I built in those years. I am passionate about guiding others through transitions because I have made many myself. Each farewell helped me unfurl my own wings a bit more.  At age 55 after 30 years of marriage and business partnership, I found myself divorced, alone, unemployed and in a fog of confusion and depression. My entire identity had centered around my marriage and my family.  I quickly understood that the only way out was to confront the pain and find what makes me thrive. I was on a meditation retreat in the middle of the woods, without the distraction of a cell phone or noise of the television when I heard it calling loud and clear. My new life's purpose was to empower women to connect with their inner champion and step into their full potential. I immediately enrolled in an intensive course to become a life coach. That certification led to others, and today, my greatest joy comes in the work we do, one session, one group session or one conversation at a time.

In the spirit of that life-changing retreat, I still love to travel and find adventure wherever I am. My grandchildren and adult children are shining lights in my life, and I am so proud to show them that we all have second (and third! and fourth!) chances to spread our wings.

I am honored to work with you and pledge to coach you with honesty, integrity and a positive spirit. Contact me today to start a conversation about your new beginning.

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