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JULY 5, 2017

Meet Leslie Welch of Heart to Soul Coaching

 Today we’d like to introduce you to Leslie Welch.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Leslie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
After my thirty-year-old marriage ended in divorce, I was searching to find my own identity. For many years I had invested myself in my children, grandchildren, family, and building a financial planning business. When you’re fifty-five years old and the rug gets pulled out from under your life it turns your life upside down. Nothing quite prepares you for the pain and heartbreak of ending a long-term marriage. There are so many feeling to process denial, anxiety, shock, fear, anger, frustration, and confusion. After realizing the reality that my marriage was over I was struggling for meaning and a new since of identity. I had previously worked alongside my spouse as a Registered Paraplanner and Licensed Insurance Agent. After some deep soul searching and praying, I knew I could never go back to my old career. I had hit rock bottom in my life and realized that I needn’t a fresh start. That’s when I stumbled across the Law of Attraction and enrolled in a one year training program to become a Certified Life Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher. I started pulling myself out of the deep hole I had fallen into and looking at my life as a new opportunity to create whatever I wanted. That was when I made the decision that I wanted to help others going through the divorce process. Wanting to give more value and services to my clients I enrolled and completed my CDC Certified Divorce Coach certification. Now I am able to help women through every stage of the divorce process as well as the healing process.  This allows my clients to  move forward into a happier more abundant future.

Has it been a smooth road?
Starting life over at 55 is not easy. I made so many mistakes with my own divorce. There were so many people telling me what to do. Family and friends mean well but often put more pressure on your decisions. I just wanted out of the pain. So literally I threw in the towel and just walked away from everything. Divorce impacts your children, family, friends, and finances. I lost a business, a home, and my extended family and some joint friends.

I spent many years living in Sarasota, Florida and considered it my home. After selling a home I rented a villa in Sarasota for a year. My oldest son, his wife and my two grandsons decided to relocate to Atlanta with his company last year. Feeling a fresh start for me would be good, I relocated with them to Atlanta. I am now rebranding my business from Heart To Soul Coaching to Leslie Welch Divorce Coach.  My main focus is working with women that are going through divorce and helping them heal from the pain of divorce.

Atlanta is a big area and it is challenging starting a new business from scratch and growing it from the ground up. Just getting your name out and developing a reputation takes a lot of work. But I am a very passionate, determined woman.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Heart to Soul Coaching – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
I am a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, and a Reiki Master Teacher. I coach women going through all phases of the divorce process. Whether contemplating a divorce or in the beginning stage of a divorce I help them gain clarity, establish their core values, and be confident in whatever decision they make.

Provide referrals to prescreened referrals such as attorneys, financial planners, accountants, psychiatrists, real estate agents, and others demanding on what their needs are. After that I assist them in getting organized with their paperwork, financial statements, co-parenting agreements and other paperwork they may need. I help them prepare for their attorney meetings so they are able to be a more credible client. This saves them time and money because they are prepared and they are not using their attorney as a therapist or sounding board. I offer them a safe quiet place where they can express their feelings and emotions without any judgment. I support and empower them in being their best self and finding the champion within themselves. In the end, I motivate and help them set and establish new goals.

I feel what sets me apart is my desire to not only walk hand in hand with them through their divorce but my overall objective is to help them start healing through the process. I use all three of my certifications and combine many different processes and exercises to assist my clients in creating a happier, more abundant life.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Being new, I have a lot of exploring yet to do. I do love the change of seasons, the hills, and all the beautiful flowers, and trees. All the little historic downtowns. Woodstock is so charming and always has activities for children, families, and adults to participate in. Downtown Marietta square and Woodstock have the farmers market. Downtown Canton Street in Roswell is always fun for lunch or dinner.  I also like that the lakes and mountains are only a short drive away. There are also wonderful meetup groups in the Atlanta area with opportunities to meet likeminded people. The best is the extraordinary people and women that I have meant here. People are so friendly and supportive of each other. So many great restaurants, festivals, celebrations, plays, and shows.

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