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Attitude can be described as the way you think or feel about things. But do you realize it affects your overall health? Have you noticed when you are not feeling well and thinking negatively about your health how much worst you suddenly feel? However by contrast if you are think positively about your health you suddenly feel much better. The old phrase, “Your attitude is showing,” is literally true! It is known as the Law of Attraction or like attracts like or where your attention goes your energy flows. Everything in the universe is energy and remits a signal and a vibration. It doesn’t matter whether you state your thoughts, feelings, or words out loud.  All you have to do is focus your attention on them and you will send that energy out into the universe. When we send our vibration out into the universe it is matched with a similar vibration that will then be returned to us amplified. Therefore if I am sending out negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings about my health; guess what will return to me? If in turn I send out positive emotions, thoughts, and feelings about my health I will receive more of the same.

Stress, anxiety and fear of disease can break down the body’s immune system and causes disease to manifest. For example many years ago, I worked in a large oncology practice. My job allowed me to get to know many of the patients. Some were even friends and young mothers just like me. I would come into work on a daily basis and hear from the doctors that one of our patients had succumbed to cancer. It was heart breaking. Eventually I left the position to go work in a family business.

My biggest fear, however, had been forever engraved in my mind. I never wanted to become a cancer patient. Fast forward many years later my father was diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive prostate cancer. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through in my life. To sit helplessly by and watch as this big, strong man’s body was overtaken by pain and agony as the cancer spread throughout his body. It totally devastated me.

Five months later, I was diagnosed with melanoma. A life-threatening diagnosis will get your attention and awakens you to life. Really God, now this? Why? Am I going to die or live? How much of the melanoma did I create as a result of my own fear? In my opinion a lot. Going through cancer with my father only made it show up sooner in my own life. You see what we focus on expands and like a magnet we draw it to us. After four surgeries and one relapse, I have been free of melanoma for nine years.

If you have a disease or an illness stay focused on your healing and keep a positive attitude. Use affirmations, prayer and meditation. Surround yourself only with positive physicians and healers who believe in your full recovery. Remove any negative family and friends from your life. Learn to play and laugh again. Most of all accept yourself right where you are illness and all. Fall in love with every single cell in your body. Listen to the divine intelligence of your body. It knows exactly what you need to let go of to  heal your mind, body, and soul.

Leslie Welch, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach 

CDC Certified Divorce & Career Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

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