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Life Coach Atlanta : Leslie Welch

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I will empower, motivate, and guide you to release all the negativity, stress, and overwhelm that is holding you back from living an abundant life. I invest in you. I bring a customized program, thoughtful exercises, compassion, and decades of professional experience and personal care in each session.

My vision is big. I combine four exceptional areas of study into my coaching. I am a Certified Divorce Coach, a Certified Career Coach, a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher.

We begin small then we work together, one manageable step at a time, so that you can move toward the brighter future you deserve.  Whether it is divorce, career, or any major stressful life transition you may be going through.  I am here to assist and gently guide you back to falling in love with yourself and life again.

My specialty is working with women who are considering or engaged in a divorce, who are open to the richness that life has to offer.

Join me on a journey to your new beginning! 

 Wheel of Life and evaluating where you are now 

Evaluating your inner guidance system

 Mastering the seven essential universal laws

 Setting your destination and deciding which pathways to follow

 Getting crystal clear on your goals and what you are wanting 

Taking charge of your words, thoughts, emotions and beliefs

Dealing with your ego, inner-critic and voices in your head 

Healing the pain and conflict of the inner child 

Learn powerful processes and techniques to change your mindset 

Shifting your vibration in order to manifest more abundance in your life 

Exploring your unlimited potentiality of wonderful amazing you 

Future visioning and coming into alignment with your highest self 

Actions and steps to keep you on course and keep you motivated

 Developing your future life plan and creating your best life now 

 This coaching package includes twelve one hour weekly coaching sessions.

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